Some people know what they’re feeling but don’t understand why, some can’t make sense of their feelings, others are overwhelmed with their feelings and need to find different ways of coping with them.  Counselling can be useful for you to explore your feelings and get to know and understand yourself better, to recognise unhelpful ways of behaving or identify the cause of your emotional conflict

With sufficient support and the right environment, we can explore the challenges you are facing and find solutions.  By support I mean being respected, accepted and not judged.  I’m hear to listen to you, to understand and empathise.  The environment is a safe space, where what we talk about is confidential and there are no expectations. If we can build a trusting, equal working alliance together, you will hopefully feel safe enough to explore your feelings

I can offer counselling for  a wide range of issues, including:

Bereavement and loss

Anxiety, depression, panic disorder, SAD, suicidal thoughts

Loneliness, low self esteem, lack of confidence

Bullying, harassment, stalking

Redundancy, work related stress, career changes

Relationships issues, marriage, divorce, affairs

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse

..there’s nothing that can’t be talked about.

If you’re not sure if counselling is for you, or have any questions, please feel free to call me on 07598 109 811 to discuss.